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Worship & Justice : new album press release

When a band of church musicians finds itself lying flat in the back of a fish truck, smuggled across a dry river bed and into Burma—one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians these days—you know it’s not about playing another gig. A few days later, having been protected by an unlikely militant ally, Bluetree played for… Read more →

EpicSummer 2014

Well team, it’s been an epic summer already and there’s loads more to go! It kicked off with a great wee tour with our mate Chris Lawson: Lights of Day, then the always epic Big Ticket Festival got even more epic this year with my legit skydive to start our worship concert on the Saturday!!  Then on to Freedom Fest… Read more →

Christ is risen!

Happy Easter team! Hope you’re all having a great time celebrating what Jesus did for us over 3 incredible days : death to the past, here’s to a new beginning! Epic!! We’ve got loads happening over the next few months, but first a summary of what’s been an incredibly busy year already with the first Living Room Tour with my… Read more →