Bluetree & human trafficking

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“So musically hooked, vocally alive, and scripturally rich, that it’s almost irresistible,” says Worship Leader Magazine regarding Kingdom
Known for its congregational favorite “God Of This City,” Bluetree returns with its sophomore album, Kingdom, which released this month amidst acclaim on Exchange Media.  Inspired by what singer, primary songwriter and Bluetree founding member Aaron Boyd and their community have been studying, the songs on Kingdom also officially mark a new era for the group.
Reborn not just as a band, but a community of believers worshiping, learning and doing life together, one of the significant changes the band has undergone includes a reorganisation of the band’s financial structure, with proceeds from album sales going to help funds .
“The money raised from Kingdom literally goes into Kingdom building,” says Boyd.  “Bluetree’s tagline is Worship. Music. Justice.  Worship is a holistic way of life, where we can really allow creativity to run through everything we do.  Part of that is being creative with finances, and when you buy Kingdom, you’re investing into a ministry wider than Bluetree.”
Supporting local and international ministry, Bluetree continues its passionate pursuit of wiping out human trafficking in this generation as a part of its mission work.  A passion that was fueled in the Red Light district of Thailand, sparking the song, “God Of This City,” and the charity to help end child sex exploitation, StandOut International, the band re-fueled that passion earlier this month while leading worship at the NO MORE TRAFFIK ON OUR STREETS ( seven day event in Belfast.  The event raised awareness about the problem of human trafficking and the need to provide long-lasting help for victims.
“We want to see human trafficking wiped out during our lifetimes,” says Boyd.  “We are committed to justice done in this world and being a voice for those who have no voice.”
And with the launch of Kingdom, Bluetree’s voice is getting louder.  Here is how the critics have been responding to the new music:
“Bluetree is back with a mix of swirling guitars, signature electro/techno sonics, pulsing beats, rock meets pop (plus a DJ, drum corps, and Electrical Parade) brand of worship.  But that’s not all, there are lovely sensitive ballads that burn bright, go deep, and reach high. The sound and the message is big—huge—and reflects the size of the life and message of Christ, even in its tender, quiet and gentle moments. This is so musically hooked, vocally alive, and scripturally rich, that it’s almost irresistible.” – Worship Leader Magazine
A true worship album at heart, Kingdom is an album that will definitely stand out as one of my favourites in 2012! ……Bluetree have started from where Delirious? have left off.” –“..the band is ready to unfurl a new round of church anthems spun in the Euro-pop/rock tradition…compare to Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Delirious?” –

“Their voice is developed beautifully by their victorious lyrics and the energetic techno charge surging throughout each track.  Every songs is strongly vertical, addressing a powerful and glorious God, inviting listeners to experience Him.  This album vividly captures a freeing encounter with a conquering, healing Savior and a present and coming kingdom of God.” –

“Guaranteed these songs will be part of this generation’s staple ‘worship song diet,’ and that’s definitely a good thing. What Bluetree have cleverly done is create and craft songs that will change lives, and will impact people regardless of what walks of life and circumstances. In my opinion, these rockers are the new ‘Delirious?’! Watch out world! Bluetree will be the band on everyone’s lips very soon!” –

“Could this album surpass what the band did with their debut album? For me, yes, this feels like a more complete album from a solid band who are growing and really know how to write a killer chorus.” –

“Kingdom is an absolute treasure to listen to and enjoy… Never at a lack of energy, even in the slower tempo songs, Bluetree breathes life in their worship songs.  They are full of life, contagious and oozing into the subconscious and permeating the spirit. ” – Relate Magazine

“Bluetree once again presents exciting, inspiring, and contemplative music on this eclectic new album that will hit churches and youth groups alike by storm.” –

Produced and mixed by Paul Mills (Third Day, Lincoln Brewster), the album was recorded in Coldplay’s studio in Liverpool and edited and mixed in Mills’ studio in Franklin, TN. In addition to Boyd, Martin Smith [Delirious?] contributed vocals while Ryan Griffith, an influential Northern Ireland worship leader, contributed songwriting to the project.

Kingdom is a passionate reminder of Jesus’s redemptive work on the Cross, mirroring the grace-centered approach that’s a hallmark of all Boyd believes, the album is meant to encourage believers to walk in the fullness of life.  Boyd tells the story of and hope for the album at here, and the album’s first single and video, “Jesus Healer”, is one of Kingdom’s most personal snapshots as Boyd writes about the journey with his young daughter, Lily, who has cystic fibrosis.

Belfast, Ireland-based modern worship band Bluetree, whose acclaimed album, God Of This City, became one the best selling Christian recordings of 2009, was also nominated for a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year and received Worship Leader’s Readers’ Choice Awards for “Breakout Artist of the Year” and “Song of the Year” (“God Of This City”). In addition to recording, Boyd also released a book in 2010, God of This City: Greater Things Have Yet to Come (Regal).