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The vision of Bluetree is worship + music + justice, inspiring people to live lives of worship, engaging in music that puts Jesus in His rightful place, and standing in the gap between our Kingdom-lives and injustice that happens, in whatever form that takes.

When you join the Bluetree Familytree, you’re partnering with all aspects of this vision. As an expression of the Church, we get to inspire and challenge people, meeting together to worship, but also delivering justice – a voice for the voiceless.

As father to two young daughters, much of my focus regarding justice has been on sexual abuse and human trafficking – exposing the evil, rescuing the victims, and bringing them life as God intends for all of us. That focus continues with our recent trips to Cambodia with Ratanak International in November 2013, Haiti in March 2014 and Guatemala in April 2015 with World Orphans, and fund-raising tours with World Orphans in April and December 2014, an epic weekend in Atlanta in November 2014 and our next fund-raising tour coming up in June 2015!

Some of the other justice projects we’ve worked with include:

Christian Freedom International

No More Traffik

Chab Dai

StandOut International

Join with us and contribute to seeing God’s plan for the world come closer to being the reality of life. You can choose to sow into the core ministry of Bluetree – such as contributing to the cost of tours to places that are difficult to reach, or the development of new worship music artists who share our passion for justice – or you may decide to sow into the justice projects we champion.

To specify where you’d like your gift to go,

make sure you tell us in the “message” section of PayPal


No matter what you have to give, remember every little bit makes a difference. Thanks a bunch!