So why do we do what we do? Is it not enough to write great songs, play them in churches and enjoy God’s presence? We believe it’s more than that, so our vision is summed up by our tag line :

worship + music + justice

In Hebrew, the word for worship is avodah, which is also the Hebrew word for work. There is no separation or compartmentalisation of life. To worship God is to “take your everyday, ordinary life — your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life” and give it all to Him – integrated and whole.

It’s when we begin to approach life with this in mind that we often start experiencing the wholeness of God’s plan for our lives. As we choose to live worshipful lives, it follows that the natural gifts God’s given us are magnified for His glory, fame and renown.

For Bluetree, we see this first in music. Beyond our music that you know and can experience on this site, or when we get to lead people in worship around the world, our heart is to see people trained and released in their giftings. We do that by mentoring & encouraging others that we do life with at home, and also giving worship & creative team workshops as we travel.  In turn we are encouraged and inspired to continue worshiping and creating music that both glorifies God and pushes the boundaries of what is and can be worship music.

Check out the bookings page if you’re interested in having us come and lead and equip your team.

And so our response to worship is mission and justice, taking all that we have and allowing others who do not have to benefit. We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and bring injustice from the darkness into the light.


Want to join us in seeing this vision for worship + music + justice grow?

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Here’s an interview from May 2014, sharing a wee bit about life in the world of Bluetree, and why we do what we do!