Live In Oklahoma

LiveInOKIn June 2013, we once again had the privilege of leading worship for the 3 weeks of Super Summer Oklahoma (which we get to do every couple of years) so we decided to try and record a new live album over the course of the camp. And now just 4 months later, here it is!

Including new arrangements of songs from both God Of This City and Kingdom, we’re real excited that it also contains 3 brand new songs of our own, 4 more that we sing live but haven’t recorded before, contributions from our good friend and fellow Northern Irish worship leader Nathan Jess, plus a few moments of spontaneous worship that we hope encourage you to live life being who you’re built to be and doing what you’re built to do.

The CD is out now via Cross Rhythms and CD Baby, but you can also download from iTunes, Amazon, emusic or your preferred digital store. Yeehaa!

Bluetree: Live in Oklahoma

Track Listing

[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]Under My Feet
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]In Christ Alone
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]It Is Finished
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]Hold On To Hope
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]Waiting Here For You / Count Me In
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]Jesus Healer
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]When I Survey / Christ Is Risen
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]You Are My Rock
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]God Of This City
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]I Am (feat David Bowden)
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]Forever Reign (feat Nathan Jess)
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]Now That We Dance
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]New Creation
[esplayer url= width=”15″ height=”15″]No Limit To Your Love (feat Nathan Jess)